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What is the Role of your Organization in the Recruiting Process?

  • As an administrator or coach, you have a variety of responsibilities to your players including:

    1. Improving them technically and tactically 
    2. Getting them in front of college coaches (through showcases and tournaments)
    3. Teaching them how to travel without parents

    And many more….

    With this myriad of responsibilities, where does helping your players with college recruiting fit in? 

    You might find some time to facilitate this process, but with everything else you have to do for your players you are likely only able to assist with a small fraction of their recruiting needs. 

    If players hope to have a successful outcome and get recruited to their best fit schools – they have to do a lot of work. Players have to invest a significant amount of time evaluating schools, getting coaches to open their emails, creating highlight reels, creating an online resume and much more. Realistically, how much time do you have to help every player achieve this goal, between practice, games and everything else?

    We are sure your families continue to ask about your college guidance, and how you can help their kids get recruited. There is increasing pressure from families to assist with this process. Your organization’s college pathway is, after all, one of the main reasons that families signed up in the first place. Despite this, putting the onus completely on the coach to get their kids recruited will lead them down a path that may hurt their chances of getting a coveted college roster spot.

    You already do a lot for your players. Athlete Match would like to make what recruiting assistance you are able to provide much more streamlined, saving you time for all of your other priorities. We would also like to give your players the recruiting assistance that you are not able to provide due to the time constraints of your role. Athlete Match is not a recruiting company, but we service the recruiting space. We have innovative recruiting and educational tools that were created by college coaches to provide a clear pathway to college for your players. Learn more by clicking here or watching the short video below. 

    If you would like to see how Athlete Match can streamline your recruiting, schedule a short demo with us by clicking here.