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Save 10+ Hours/Week Managing Athletes’ Recruiting

  • Here at Athlete Match we understand just how time consuming and difficult it is to manage your athlete’s college recruiting efforts on top of everything else you currently do for them. 

    Having spoken with high school coaches, and club coaches currently using Athlete Match, we estimate that we could save you 10+ hours per week on managing your athletes recruitment.

    You already do a lot for your athletes – we want to make it easier for you to provide the recruiting assistance your players need, saving you time in the process. The best news is that high school coaches can create a free Athlete Match account and invite their athletes to join them in less than 2 minutes. High school coaches can get started for free by clicking here.

    Here are some of the ways that Athlete Match can save you HOURS on managing your athletes’ recruitment:

    What we will save you time on:

    Answering Questions

    Athlete Match University provides your families with all of the information and guidance required to navigate the recruiting process. This will eliminate the majority of questions you may be spending time answering.

    Printing Team Brochures

    Athlete Match lets you create and export your team brochures in less than a minute. We will save you a great deal of time on getting these ready.

    Athlete Engagement

    Athlete Match does the work to ensure your athlete are using the system with a variety of engagement strategies.

    Sharing Athlete Information

    When communicating with a college coach you can easily share an athlete’s student-athlete resume, highlight reel and contact information within a couple of clicks.

    Reviewing Favorites

    You can review an athlete’s Favorites List at any time. This makes meeting with your players to discuss the colleges they are pursuing a lot easier, requiring a lot less preparation.

    Emailing Colleges

    You can easily reach out and contact any college coach within the Athlete Match system. This will allow you to organize all of your recruiting conversations into one place, saving time looking for and managing previous communications.

    Recommending Colleges

    With a couple of clicks you can recommend colleges to your athletes. You can also review the activity of all coaches in your organization who are assisting athletes with their recruiting process.

    High school coaches can get started for free by clicking here.