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Our Tools Will Make Your Job Easier (Club & High School Coaches)

  • Athlete Match is made up of current and former college coaches. Why does this matter? It means that our tools were created with the knowledge of how recruiting actually works. It also means that we understand just how time consuming and difficult it is to manage your athletes college recruiting efforts on top of everything else you currently do for them. 

    Athlete Match lets coaches, schools and clubs track and guide their athletes’ recruitment with easy-to-use software. You already do a lot for your players – we want to make it easier for you to provide the recruiting assistance your players need, saving you time in the process.

    Here are some of the ways that our recruiting tools will make your job easier:

    All of your players’ recruiting activity will be housed in one location, meaning that you can see everything happening within your organization at a glance, allowing you to monitor recruiting efforts very easily.

    At any given time you can see which colleges your players are pursuing, what recruiting activities they have been engaging in, which coaches they have been emailing and much more. 

    Want to keep your communication organized? You can send any of your players feedback and suggestions on their latest recruiting activity as well as keep track of all of the coach and player communication in your organization. 

    Want to help your players decide which colleges to pursue? You can evaluate and recommend colleges that may be a good fit for your players based on a number of important criteria such as academic, athletic, geographic and social considerations. Athlete Match has the most comprehensive college search engine that narrows down schools based on all of the important Fit Criteria.

    Families have a great deal of questions about the recruiting process and you may not have the time to provide all of the answers and guidance that they need. To make your job easier – Athlete Match will also provide your players with a comprehensive educational course to help them navigate the recruiting process. This allows your families to get all of the answers they need about the recruiting process, saving you a great deal of time and allowing you to focus on coaching and development.

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