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NCAA Quiet Period: What is it and how does it affect recruiting?

  • The Quiet Period is a time when college coaches are not allowed to have face-to-face contact with recruits or their parents.

    This period lasts for one week after the National Letter of Intent signing date in April. During this time, coaches can only communicate with recruits through written means, such as letters, emails and phone calls.

    While the Quiet Period is meant to be a time of rest for both recruit and coach, it doesn’t mean that recruiting comes to a complete stop. In fact, many coaches use this time to visit other schools and continue evaluating prospects for future classes.

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    Why have a Quiet Period?

    The Quiet Period is important because it allows recruits to focus on their academics and their athletics, without having to worry about the pressure of being recruited. During the Quiet Period, recruits can still talk to college coaches, but only by phone, email, or text.

    This period exists to give recruits a chance to catch their breath after the hectic recruiting process and to bond with their new teammates before starting college. It also allows coaches to focus on their current team and prepare for the upcoming season.

    The NCAA requires that all recruiting contact be made through the school’s athletic department, so that coaches can’t put undue pressure on recruits. However, even during the Quiet Period, some coaches may try to get around the rules.

    That’s why it’s important for recruits to know their rights and understand the NCAA’s recruiting rules. If you have any questions about the recruiting process, be sure to ask your coach or the athletic department staff.

    How Does This Impact NCAA Recruits and Universities?

    The NCAA recruiting process can be a complicated and daunting task for both athletes and universities. One key element of the recruiting process is the Quiet Period.

    The Quiet Period can have a major impact on both athletes and universities during the recruiting process. For athletes, it can be a welcomed respite from the often hectic world of recruiting. For universities, it can be a chance to make sure they are targeting the right recruits for their program.