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Athlete Match

Every tool you need for one of the most important journeys of your life.
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AM Testimonials

“We were amazed at how in-depth your search technology was. The ability to look at and compare both college fit AND athletic fit parameters really helped us narrow down our college search and gave us a clear path forward.”

James Buffalo, NY

“The best recruiting technology on the market, with an amazing course to guide you how to use it to end up at your dream college.”

Jesse Boston, MA

“The course was extremely helpful. It really helped us narrow down our list of schools before making the final decision.”

Luke Hershey, PA

“I have used multiple different services for my recruiting process, and Athlete Match was by far the most helpful.”

Angela Portsmouth, NH

“Athlete Match really changed the way I was reaching out to coaches - helping me get a lot more responses than before.”

Tom Miami, FL

“I wasn't sure how many colleges I should be looking at, but Athlete Match helped me to create a great strategy to begin to evaluate colleges.”

Colleen Wilmington, DE